Nick Ray and the Making of Rebel Without a Cause
 The Making of Giant! - An exclusive interview with Ivan Moffat, co-author of the screenplay for Giant--Dean's third and last movie
A Historian Looks at James Dean - Professor Vagn Hansen examines the James Dean legend--in the context of the Eisenhower era and the Silent Generation
James Dean: A Rebel for All Seasons  - An introductory essay to The James Dean Story. (1995 revised edition)
The James Dean I Knew by Bob Hinkle -- dialogue coach on Giant
Irreverent Iconographer -- An exclusive interview with Dean biographer Warren Beath

One of the Gang -- The making of Rebel Without a Cause
  James Dean -- Impossible Icon - by Vaughn Taylor
  American Legends Interviews -- William Nolan
  Jimmy Dean -- Oddball Idol

Phil Stern - Remembers James Dean

A gallery of unusual photographs of Dean & Friends.

A folk hero in folk art--American Legends presents a unique collection of James Dean Murals

American Legends Links page--Dean, Morrison, Kerouac--the best on the Web.

The James

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