The James Dean Story
By Ronald Martinetti

      Ron Martinetti's The James Dean Story was one of the first (if not the first) full length biographies to be researched and written about the great actor. A former writer for The Wall Street Journal, and contributor to The Washington Post and The New Leader, Martinetti tracked down and interviewed many important persons in Dean's life: Dizzy Sheridan (the young dancer whom Dean lived with in New York); Rogers Brackett (a brilliant stage director whom Dean lived with in Hollywood and New York and who granted Martinetti the first and only interview about his long rumored intimate relationship with the young actor); Julie Harris (Dean's costar in East of Eden); Christine White (with whom Dean did his Actors Studio audition); Elia Kazan, the late Sal Mineo, and many others.

      Ron Martinetti's book has since been an underground favorite and has sold over 100,000 copies. The biography was called by the Los Angeles Times "The best and most objective account of Dean's life," and has been published in France (two editions), England, Brazil, Germany, Estonia, and Japan.

"You will enjoy this book, I can promise you."
--James M. Cain

author of the classic, The Postman Always Rings Twice

"You must read The James Dean Story."
Chicago Sun-Times

"Amazing insights: the parallels between James Dean and
Jim Morrison, a fellow I knew quite well, are almost spooky."

--Ray Manzarek, the Doors

"In this biography of James Dean, Ron Martinetti has turned in
the permanent, the definitive job... For people who like to read about
the die-young set--a very big set in these days in the rock and roll world...
Dean's story as told by Martinetti is the winner. We have been living
through a strange period...Maybe it all began with Dean. In this book,
in a way, you are 'going down' with Jimmy."

--Earl Conrad
author, Billy Rose, Manhattan Primitive

"Explosive Revelations"
--Gay Scene magazine

", far-reaching..."
--Paul Waters,

    "I have to confess I got hooked on this book...its atmosphere, its revelations, and its style, based upon obviously very sound documentation."
--Victor Weybright, rival publisher, cofounder, Weybright and Talley


"In the beginning, before the glut of biographies of the tragic young star, there was a book that was unique in its clarity and insight: Ron Martinetti produced the first--and still the best--James Dean biography...Martinetti had the advantage of writing about his subject at a time when there were more living witnesses. Martinetti had the additional advantage of being attractive and charismatic, coaxing insights from subjects who had never spoken previously--and some who haven't since. Martinetti's book is a window into a unique American original. And Dean and Martinetti's biography have something in common: Both have withstood the test of time."
--Warren Beath, author, The Death of James Dean, and Who Killed James Dean?


"A forthright, well-researched study of the iconized young star, refreshingly free of mysticism and awe..."
 --Robert Kirsch, The Los Angeles Times

"...the best book on Dean ever written. Certainly, anyone who knew Dean personally, as I did, will recommend it."
--James Bellah, Crawdaddy magazine

 "A passionate biography by the former literary critic."

--Le Figaro (France)

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