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Hollywood Gays
By Boze Hadleigh

     Boze Hadleigh, a long time student of Hollywood and film culture, has written Hollywood Gays (Barricade Books/hardback, 384 pages). The book which is now in its second big printing is an interdisciplinary approach to the homosexual subculture based upon interviews, commentary, solid research, and oral history (in Hollywood otherwise known as gossip). 

     Author Hadleigh interviewed Cary Grant (the debonair star of Mr. Lucky and other film classics), Tony Perkins (whose performance in Psycho electrified the country and whose secret sex life has been described as "a case history"), Liberace (no one was ever more flamboyant on stage or off), and Cesar Romero (a veteran actor of Cuban ancestry who frankly discusses the offscreen roles of Desi Arnaz and other famous "Latin lovers"). These actors and others who are interviewed discuss their sex lives and those of their fellow film stars. The author uses these interviews to present a treasure trove of information about the sex habits of Hollywood actors-- featuring major appearances by, among others, Paul Lynde, James Coco, David Lewis (who discusses gay Hollywood in the 1930s and the British contribution), and Randolph Scott--the legendary cowboy actor who became a very wealthy investor (with a secret life, of course). 

     American Legends is offering Hollywood Gays for only $16.45 ($17.75 for Calif. residents). The book which is published by legendary iconoclastic publisher Lyle Stuart retails for $21.95. Please add $2.50 for postage and handling. 

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